Acknowledgement Of Debt

Acknowledgement of debt is a letter or formal declaration that states that a debt is owed and that the debtor accepts the responsibility to repay the debt. When drafting an acknowledgement of debt, it’s important to be clear and concise, and to include all relevant information about the debt.

Here are 5+ examples of acknowledgement of debt to help you get started. Keep in mind that these are just templates, and you will need to customize them to fit your specific situation.

Acknowledgement Writing Tips Of Debt

When writing an acknowledgment of debt, it’s important to include certain key elements to ensure that the document is legally binding. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Include the names and addresses of the borrower (the person acknowledging the debt) and the lender.
  2. Clearly state the amount of the debt being acknowledged, and specify the terms of repayment, such as the interest rate and the due date.
  3. Include a statement that the borrower promises to repay the debt in full.
  4. Include the date of the acknowledgment and the signature of the borrower.
  5. If applicable, state any collateral or security being given in exchange for the loan
  6. Have the acknowledgement notarized by a public notary.

It is always a good idea to have a lawyer look over the acknowledgement before it is signed, to ensure that it is enforceable and meets the legal requirements of your jurisdiction.

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Acknowledgement Examples Of Debt

Example 1:


Borrower: John Doe

Address: 123 Main St, Anytown USA 12345

Lender: Jane Smith

Address: 456 Park Ave, Anytown USA 67890

I, John Doe, hereby acknowledge that I have borrowed the sum of $10,000 from Jane Smith on the date of January 1, 2022. I agree to repay this debt in full, including interest at the rate of 5% per annum, on or before December 31, 2022. I understand that any failure to repay this debt on time may result in additional penalties and fees.

Signed: _________________________

John Doe

Example 2:


I, [Borrower’s Name], hereby acknowledge that I owe the sum of [$Amount] to [Lender’s Name], on the terms set out below:

  • The loan amount is [$Amount]
  • Interest will be charged at [Interest Rate]% per annum
  • Monthly payment of [$Amount] will be made starting from [Date], due on the [day] of every month
  • In case of default, the lender is entitled to collect [Penalty]
  • This debt is secured by [Collateral, if any]
  • this debt is governed by the laws of [state or country]

Signed: [Borrower’s Signature]

Date: [Date]

Example 3:


I, insert name, hereby acknowledge that I am indebted to insert name in the sum of insert amount.

This debt is payable on demand and I undertake to pay interest on the outstanding amount at the rate of insert percentage per annum from the date of this acknowledgment until payment in full is made.

I also undertake to pay any reasonable costs incurred by insert name in relation to the enforcement of this debt.

Signed: ____________________________

Date: ____________________________

Example 4:


To Whom It May Concern,

I, [Your Name], hereby acknowledge that I am in debt to [Name of Creditor] in the amount of [Amount of Debt]. I understand that this debt is due and payable on [Due Date].

I promise to pay the debt in full on or before the due date, and in the meantime, I will not take any action to avoid paying the debt.

Furthermore, I understand that if I do not pay the debt as promised, [Name of Creditor] has the right to take legal action against me to recover the debt.


[Your Signature]


Example 5:


I, [borrower’s name], hereby acknowledge that I am indebted to [lender’s name] in the sum of [amount of debt], which I promise to pay on demand.

This debt is incurred on [date] and is secured by [collateral].


[Borrower’s name]

Example 6:


I, [Name], of [Address], hereby acknowledge that I am indebted to [Name of creditor], of [Address of creditor], in the sum of [Amount of debt] for [Reason for debt]. I promise to pay this amount on or before [Date of repayment].


[Your signature]



Example 7:


To Whom It May Concern,

I, [Name], of [Address], am writing this letter to acknowledge my indebtedness to [Name of creditor], of [Address of creditor], for the sum of [Amount of debt] for the following reason: [Reason for debt]. This debt was incurred on [Date of incurring debt].

I understand the seriousness of this debt and fully recognize my obligation to repay it in a timely manner. As such, I am committed to repaying this debt in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed upon with [Name of creditor]. I understand that failure to repay this debt may result in legal action being taken against me.

I, [Name], hereby promise to repay this debt on or before [Date of repayment]. To further demonstrate my commitment to repay this debt, I have attached a payment plan outlining the steps I will take to repay this debt in full.

Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to settling this debt as soon as possible.


[Your signature]




The above article provides several examples of when an acknowledgement of debt may be required. In general, an acknowledgement of debt is a formal document in which an individual or organization acknowledges that they owe a sum of money to another individual or organization. This acknowledgement can be used as proof in a court of law if the debt is disputed.

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