How Students Can Rewrite Their Academic Writing Essays

Essay writing can win great respect as a student. You can be the apple of teachers’ eyes and can impress fellow students as well, simply by writing compelling essays.

But that “simply” is not very simple because writing an essay is a herculean task for a student. It takes their time and that’s something not liked by any student.

Well, here comes a solution: Rewriting an essay. Rewriting can save the time that you are going to spend researching, outlining, and drafting an essay.

You will simply grab something already written and restate it in your own words. This practice will not only make you understand the whole concept, but you will also be able to make it unique and better than the original.

Why Students Need to Rewrite?

I have already mentioned a couple of reasons above. Let me make this easier for you by bulleting:

  • It saves the time that was required for researching, outlining, and drafting essays.
  • It will make students understand the whole concept.
  • It will enable students to bring a better version of the given essay.
  • It will help students learn how to state something differently in a better way.
  • It will help them submit unique and plagiarism-free essays.

Challenges to Manual Rewriting And The Solution

Writing an essay is difficult but rewriting an essay is time-consuming as well. And time is something that every student wants to have to enjoy their life more with friends.

Moreover, it’s not easy to think about every sentence and word to restate differently while keeping the meaning and context unchanged.

Don’t panic guys, there’s a solution already. There are plenty of online article rewriter tools that can be handy in saving your precious time. You can use these tools to rewrite an essay in seconds, edit it a bit to make it more readable, proofread, and submit.

Now another question pops up. How to find a reliable tool? Don’t worry, I’m stepping forward again and making a list of a few best online article rewriter tools. You can use any of them whenever required:

  1. Article Rewriter
  2. Chimp Rewriter
  3. Google Bard
  4. ChatGPT
  5. Grammica


Effective Manual Rewriting Techniques

Now you know the tools that can help you in rewriting but still you must know the manual techniques. These techniques will help you even when there’s no connectivity, for example when you are sitting in the examination room.

Read Aloud

Reading an essay aloud is a great way to find parts that need clarification and problems with the flow and tone. We do not notice as clearly when we read it silently but reveal issues when we read it aloud. If we say something out loud that does not sound right, we need to rewrite it.

Structure and Outline

The structure of our essay is very important for conveying our thoughts. Check your essay’s structure and make sure it makes sense. Each paragraph fits into the general case. If some parts of your essay do not fit together, you can make the necessary changes.

We can outline our essay before or after writing the first draft. It can help us understand how it is put together and find any problems with the flow of our ideas.

Eliminate Wordiness

Being clear and to the point are essential parts of good writing. When we are rewriting, watch out for phrases and words that are not needed and do not add value to our points. Cutting down on words not only makes our writing simpler but also makes it more attractive to read.

Remove sentences and paragraphs that are too long, but ensure that every word conveys our message.

Make Sure Consistency

We must be consistent with our writing style, tone, and tense. It keeps our essay consistent. Inconsistencies can hurt our readers. Before we start rewriting, we should look over our essays again. Ensure the verb tenses are correct and the writing style stays the same throughout the piece.

Get feedback from other

A new point of view is very helpful when we are in the process of rewriting. Having someone who looks at our writing can help us learn a lot. Other people may find errors or parts we missed that need to be clarified.

Feedback from other people is a way to work together to get better. Getting a second opinion is always a good idea to make sure that the assignment meets its intended purpose effectively.

Use Rewriting Tools smartly

It is important to know how to use rewriting tools if we choose to use them. You can find better ways to say things when we use these tools.

But it’s important only to accept some suggested changes. Look over the ideas and make sure they fit with the message we want to send. It can be helpful to use these tools when we rewrite.


When we are done rewriting, go back and reread the essay very carefully. This step is very important for finding any language or grammar problems we might not have seen in the first revision.

Spelling and grammar mistakes can make our work look less professional. So, we need to carefully reread it before finishing our essay.


Rewriting is vital to academic writing because it helps students improve and turn in better work. You should know that rewriting is not a sign that we failed but a way to improve.

Students can make their academic writing clear, more accurate, and more potent by using effective rewriting tools. Also, know that the first draft is only the start. We can make it into an excellent academic essay by rewriting it.

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